We use our circular RNA platform to vastly accelerate understanding of regulatory elements involved in transcription. What we deliver is a range of promoters/enhancers of varying strength and specificity designed for expression at the right time and place.

Why optimize transcription? Transcriptional control is the primary method of cellular control and can work over a 100,000-fold range. Other steps like codon optimization or translation efficiency may only work in a very small range.

How It Works

Beyond just the promoter.

Our technology can also be used for enhancers, silencers/repressers, stability sequences, and nuclear delivery sequences.


Our system is designed to better understand and deliver results that are relevant to how your promoter or DNA elements will behave in your system versus how it operates in the host genome. We can evaluate short 50-300 bp or long 300-8000 bp fragments of either known or unknown complexity.

Valuable as an in vivo reporter.

Circularis RNA isn’t just for lab-grown cells. We generate data and work in model organisms too.

High-speed turnaround of synthetic patentable promoters.

Our process creates mutated DNA sequences that can be legally patented.