Circularis was founded because we saw a need for better tools to control gene regulation in a range of species. Humans have harnessed the power of the cell for hundreds of years, but are just beginning to scratch the surface of how exact control of cells can change manufacturing, food, health, and all aspects of our lives. We were founded at UC Davis in 2014 and then attended the IndieBio accelerator. Since then the company has helped dozens of customers and look forward to helping hundreds more.

Mat Falkowski
Chief Executive Officer

Mat is an accomplished scientist and successful serial entrepreneur. He has 19 years of biotech experience in the Bay Area including stints at seven different biotech startups, with three successful exits. He was also Chief Entrepreneur at IndieBio and continues to be an advisor and board member for various biotech companies.

Paul Feldstein
Chief Science Officer - Founder

Paul received his PhD in Biochemistry from UC Davis working in one of the pioneering ribozyme labs where he developed his expertise in nucleic acid biochemistry. He then did his post-doc in the USDA Molecular Plant Pathology lab working on viroids, an infectious RNA molecule from plants. Paul has 22 scientific publications and four patents to his name.

LeAnn Lindsay
Senior Scientist - Founder

Prior to joining the biotech world, LeAnn was a research scientist and lecturer at UC Davis, exploring the worlds of gamete biochemistry, epidemiology of companion animal infectious diseases, and influenza surveillance in wild animals. She has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from UC Davis, and a B.S. in biochemistry from Cal Poly.

Our Investors