Bio Therapeutic Manufacturing

Enhancing the titer and production of biologics using enhanced promoters designed for specific cell lines, conditions, and proteins


Industrial Biotechnology

Discover and enhance promoters in a variety of bacterial and yeast strains that increase production of proteins and small molecules

Industrial Agriculture

Better trait selection with improved protein expression in specific plant tissues using optimized promoters 

Bio Therapeutic Manufacturing

No Changes to Your Host Strain or Coding Sequence

Circularis' technology can increase protein expression up to ten times, and sometimes more, by enhancing promoters for any gene from any species. Enhanced promoters produced by Circularis can be used to drive expression of individual proteins, or multiple genes in more complex biological systems. Monoclonal antibodies, for example, may require multiple expressed genes that encode subunits. By producing multiple unique and enhanced promoter sequences, we ensure the optimized expression levels of each that result in a maximized production of the final antibody. Circularis’ technology is focused on regulatory elements, so no changes to your cell line, strain, or coding sequence.

Maximize Therapeutic Expression

Using our enhanced promoters that are customized for a specific mammalian cell type, (e.g. CHO, HEK293, etc.), or a specific bacterial strain, (e.g. E. coli, etc.) we obtain higher levels of protein expression compared to wild type promoters or common viral and bacteriophage promoters, such as the cytomegalovirus (CMV) and T7 promoters.

The Most Efficient Method for Pathway Engineering

When multiple steps are involved with complex molecular pathways, controlled expression of each protein in the pathway is critical to optimize cell lines in a production environment. Molecular chaperones that assist the covalent folding or unfolding and the assembly or disassembly of other macromolecular structures are present when the macromolecules perform their normal biological functions and have correctly completed the processes of folding and/or assembly. Using current methods of in-silico guess work combined with brute force automation cannot discover unknown promoter regions or enhancer elements, and force researchers into cutting corners when designing and testing novel sequences. Circularis’ methods include parallel testing of multiple regulatory elements in specific conditions from your production environment. We generate results in weeks, compared to months or years when using current methods.

Industrial Biotechnology

Go Beyond Codon Optimization…Way Beyond!

Codon optimization steps can be taken to help improve codon usage and translational efficiency in a host organism. However, the desired expression levels can be achieved only if the genes are properly expressed. The translational machinery of the host organism may be optimized, but it will not produce protein if the transcriptional machinery is not producing transcripts. Our proven process of evolving promoters to enhance expression goes above and beyond codon optimization.

Optimize Industrial Biotech Yields

Every complex biotechnology product presents its own set of unique challenges, and significant cost is invested in transitioning methods from research to production facilities.  Research conditions are often difficult or impossible to duplicate in a manufacturing environment, and production teams are often faced with the reality of compromising production yields to fit the needs of the business. Significant time and costs are invested in production facilities, and the cost of change usually outweighs the potential gains from process optimization. With superior methods of promoter discovery and enhancement, Circularis is able to increase your titer and production yields without any changes to your existing process or conditions. Depending on your volume and current yields, a Circularis partnership could save your business tens of millions of dollars per year.

Tame “Finicky” Proteins with Innovation

Difficult to produce proteins create significant challenges to production teams, require untold resources to manage, and challenge business justification for promising therapeutics.

If toxicity and growth inhibition are seen before induction, expression is compromised at the beginning of the culture and the problem gets worse through the growth phase. Circularis offers a range of promoters with varying strength to help tune the expression to the sweet spot of your host organism.

Industrial Agriculture

Circularis’ technology is applicable to any gene, in any cell, in any species. Including promoter discovery and enhancement for crops or for any plant-based system.

Drug Discovery & Development

Next Generation Cell-Based Assays

Circularis' technology provides a wide range of controlled gene expression, and the development of novel promoters that are incorporated into cell-based assays that:​

 Drive expression of your target in live cell assays

• Are compatible with high-throughput protocols

​• Increase sensitivity to specific compounds

Driving the expression of difficult targets can enable new drug targets with proteins previously undetectable. Circularis’ technology enables you to revive valuable drug targets with low expression levels even with no prior knowledge of the gene coding sequence or any regulatory elements.

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